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2 Best Friends

Providence, Rhode Island

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Bartholomew White

Bartholomew White (pseudonym) / Age: 22

Graphic Artist, Designer, Brand Developer
Marketing Undergraduate @ The University of Rhode Island

Currently Listening To:

Long Live A$AP, Indagoism, Because the Internet, Blue Chips 2, Illmatic, Life After Death

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Emmanuel White

Emmanuel White (pseudonym) / Age: 22

Ramen Connoisseur
Bachelors in Film / English @ The University of Rhode Island

I want to teach English in Japan

Currently Listening To:

Long Live A$AP, Take to the Skies, Drink the Sea, the Time to Pretend EP, Blue Chips 2

Why Pseudonyms?

Many great authors in history have held pen names: C.S. Lewis, Stephen King, Ben Franklin, and Dr. Seuss just to name a few. Not only are we writers, we're creatives. Afraid our thoughts or actions might reflect poorly on us as future employees, we've taken great strides to ensure that our real names don't return negative google results.


We're planning to go balls deep in Japan, and record every minute we can of it. We just don't want it to come up when we apply for jobs when we get back.

Why the last name "White" ?

The answer to this is simple - it sounded cool.
Plus, I've always had a crush on Betty White

Why 2 White Boys?

2 White Boys was actualluy a happy accident. I originally bought the domain name as a joke, because I wanted to make a website where I reviewed rap albums. Once I realized that my pseudonym's last night had been "White" for the last year, I convinced my best friend to become my peudo-brother. After a smoke sesh, we talked about our upcoming trip to Japan. We were.......2 White boys, going to Japan. I revived the domain name so my friends could see what was up with our trip in japan, and send us Bitcoins.

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